The following are the regulations for the 2023 Union County Interscholastic
Athletic Conference Boys Basketball Tournament.

1. The tournament will be open to all member schools. It will be
the responsibility of each school to adjust their schedule to conform to
the regulations of the N.J.S.I.A.A. with respect to the number of
games a school may play.

2. All teams entered will be seeded on the basis of their season
record and caliber of competition. The TOP FOUR seeds will receive
a bye into the quarterfinal round.
NOTE—First-Round Games will be played at the HIGHER seed on a
mutually agreed upon date. (ADs MUST notify assignor Jack Baum
with date/time of prelim game).

3. The higher seeded TEAM in each round will be considered the
home team. The home team will wear light colored jerseys and be
designated as the home team on the scoreboard.

4. Seeding for the J.V. Tournament will be made at the same
meeting as the seeding for the Varsity Tournament. NOTE—Please
make a copy of the game-by-game report for your JV team/results.

5. PLEASE make sure Varsity records are updated on
www.nj.com. The J.V. records must be in the hands of the Director by
12 Noon, Monday, Jan. 30th. PLEASE NOTE—JV Records can be
faxed to Tom Lewis at 1-732-396-9276. Information can also be
emailed to jskrec@hotmail.com or jskrec@rosellecatholic.org.

6. The 2023 UCT Varsity BOYS Schedule is as follows:
— TUESDAY, JAN. 31—Seeding meeting.
— SATURDAY, FEB. 4—Play-In game (if necessary).
— TUESDAY, FEB. 7—Preliminary Round
— THURSDAY, FEB. 9—First Round.
— SATURDAY, FEB. 11—Quarterfinals
— TUESDAY, FEB. 14—Semifinals
— SAT., FEB. 18—Final at Kean University.

7. A player not registered on the varsity tournament roster may not
appear in uniform at the tournament (can sit on the bench out of
uniform). A player’s name must not appear on both varsity and junior
varsity rosters. … A player NOT on a team’s roster SHOULD NOT
be in full uniform on the bench.

8. The Basketball Tournament Seeding Committee will meet at
9:30 a.m. on Tuesday, Jan. 31, 2023 in Clark. The Committee for
Boys Basketball is: CHAIR- Ben Candelino, Elizabeth; Jim Reagan,
Union Catholic; Anthony Drejaj, Linden; Tim Simo, Summit; James
McKeon, Westfield; Chris Loeffler, GL; Steve Siracusa, SPF.

9. Trophies will be awarded to winning and runner-up teams.
Fifteen (15) medals will be presented to coaches and members of the
winning team.

10. The committee reserves the right to exercise its own judgment
in scheduling or rescheduling any games when conditions or circumstances
require such action.

11. The NJSIAA.’s rules and regulations governing conduct and
control of coaches, players and spectators will be rigidly enforced.
Noise makers, air horns, signs or posters, confetti, streamers and
music boxes will not be allowed in the gymnasium.

12. Admission prices for all, quarterfinal, semifinal and final round games
will be determined by the UCIAC Executive Director.

PLEASE NOTE—For preliminary & first-round games, home
team/schools keep any/all proceeds from the gate and handle all expenses.

REMINDER: ADs of HOME TEAMS for preliminary round and first-round
games MUST alert assignor Jack Baum of game/matchup, so officials
may be assigned.

13. In lieu of player tickets, a “check-off” list will be
used. The list of tea/ school personnel is to be presented at the pass
gate when arriving at the game site. Only those individuals whose
names appear on the check-off list will be admitted to the game site.
Therefore, the coaches and team members should arrive together.
Cheerleaders in uniform will be admitted for each game in which their
school participates. Winning coaches should pick up their check-off
list from the site manager for use in the next round of the.

14. Superintendents and Principals will be admitted with
proper identification.

15. The conference rate for officials shall be used for all
preliminary and first-round games hosted by high seeds (including the
quarterfinals for JV).

16. The entry fee of $200.00 should accompany your
application for varsity tournament entry. The JV fee is $150. If you are
pre-paid, please indicate this on your record sheet. Make check or
P.O. payable to U.C.I.A.C. and send to Tom Lewis, Executive
Director, U.C.I.A.C. 1012 Madison Ave., Rahway, New Jersey 07065.

17. A school not entering a team/level of the
tournament is asked to please notify Joe Skrec or Tom Lewis asap.


— Please make sure Varsity Boys BB record is updated on
www.nj.com the morning of Jan. 31st (or night of Jan. 30).

—- Please submit JV records / game-by-game results (via fax or
email) by Jan. 30.

—- Please list a player on Varsity OR JV (one or the other).

—- Please contact Tom Lewis with any questions regarding UCT
Boys Basketball.

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