The Union County Conference (UCC) seeks proposals for an independent candidate to manage the selection, assignment, and evaluation of baseball umpires.

Completed proposals must include a written description of the individual’s plans to meet the duties and requirements of the assignor position. Elements in the proposal should include a listing of prior experience with baseball umpiring and assigning.

The candidate shall submit a plan to meet the following duties and requirements:

A.       Develop and maintain a list of qualified umpires approved by the UCC for assignment to all UCC baseball contests at all levels (Varsity, Junior Varsity, Freshman, and Middle School); all home contests of the member institutions and all post-season baseball championships of the UCIAC.

B.       Recruit and evaluate and, in accordance with the requirements specified by the NJSIAA, assign the requisite number of officials for all baseball events.

C.       The candidate shall use Arbiter and maintain the website in an organized manner while making all changes in a timely manner.  Candidates shall provide access to the website to all athletics directors and other authorized representatives of the UCC.

D.       Coordinate communication with member schools and assigned umpires regarding any cancellations, postponements and rescheduling of baseball events.

E.       Coordinate communication with member schools and athletic directors regarding any rule changes mandated by the NJSIAA and NFHS for the beginning of each baseball season.

F.        Solicit feedback as to the performance of assigned officials for their evaluation from each member school immediately following each baseball season. Have said evaluations available for review by the member schools.

G.       Submit and present an annual report to the UCC regarding operations.

H.       Actively participate in training programs and ensure proper training/education for umpires assigned to UCC contests.

I.         Attend the annual UCIAC championships or designate a mutually agreed upon observer.

J.        Perform such other tasks as may be reasonably requested by the UCC.

Interested parties should submit a proposal by October 15, 2019, to:

Gus Kalikas; UCC President, 365 Westfield Avenue, Clark, NJ 07066,